About Us

About Us Anita: Hi! Welcome to our site. Yuana is a Smart Oil! An oil which will keep hair beautiful always.

Sushma: Yes. Yuana is hair's best friend.A friend-cum-bodygaurd you can say.

Anita: Let me tell you a little about us. We used to live in the same building and attended the same zumba class. In between some scintillating moves, our friendship blossomed.

Sushma: Anita was an artist and made beautiful hand paintings which I offered to market in my free time. Through the success of this venture we realized that we worked well together too. That we could take a step further and get into bigger business ventures.

Anita: We started off as distributors of Oleo Chemicals and Suaan Essentials came into being. This opened doors to a number of business contacts thus sowing the seeds of enterpreneurship in our minds.

Sushma : There was no stopping us and our brain-storming sessions for business ideas were wild. But then, we happened to attend In-Cosmetics Exhibition in Barcelona. And this proved to be the turning point.

Anita: Absolutely. After returning from the exhibition we tried to get to know the Personal Care Industry better with the intention of creating our very own product. We decided to produce a hair oil that would be the perfect solution for hair problems of the modern day. A lot of surveys and research gave way to the perfect formula and Yuana was born.

Sushma: Yuana is our baby. A smart oil that revitalizes hair and makes it healthy and smooth inspite of the pollution, stress and chemical treatments.

Anita: First, we tried it ourselves and were pleased with the results. Then, we had a trial run. Only after it gave us great response, Yuana was formally introduced in the market. Try it to believe it!

Sushma: Yes, do give it a try. It really works wonders with your hair. Enjoy the Yuana experience and do write to us about it.

Anita: Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Our Mission

To provide value added, affordable and reliable products, incorporating the best of international standards in the entire process of their evolution, right from concept to completion, in order to achieve premium quality and manufacture to delight our customers on an on-going basis.

Our Vision

To harness the best of technology and innovation, to contribute to improving the lives of our customers and community by providing environment-friendly products and to create a better tomorrow.


Dr. Shweta Pawar, Latur

“You can easily spot my jet black Yuana hair in this pic and the confidence it gives me while posing. Apart from the look, the softness which the use of Yuana has imparted to my hair, this confidence is an added bonus.”

Monalee Deshpande, UAE

“Since the time I shifted to UAE I was having major hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, split ends and was also concerned about the decreasing volume of my hair. One of my close friends recommended Yuana Premium Hair Oil to me. Initially, I was a bit hesitant. My reaction was….one more hair oil?? Yet, I thought that I should give it a try. After using Yuana hair oil for about 4-5 weeks, I started noticing the change. It brought my dandruff under control and reduced 80% of my hair fall. There's a visible boost in the hair volume too. The difference was easily noticeable and people started complimenting me. Never thought just one hair product could cure all my hair problems. Thank you Yuana!”

Milind Ranadive, China

“I have really found Yuana Premium Hair Oil to be very good. It is less sticky. The fragrance is also very light and refreshing, just the way I like it.”

Yogesh Deshpande, UAE

“I use Yuana Premium Hair Oil regularly for head massage and relaxation. I also use it like a serum on a daily basis. Its exotic fragrance keeps me feeling fresh for hours on end.”

O Neil Pinto, Thane

“I was facing a major hair fall problem due to dryness of the scalp. My friend recommended that I try Yuana Premium Hair Oil. I was a bit apprehensive initially...well I had nothing to lose but more hair... So I gave it a try and started using it regularly. Within 3 weeks I could see a drastic reduction in my hair fall. My hair has become soft and the dryness of my scalp has almost gone. Well, this is really a very effective hair oil, non greasy and which even sets the hair. I truly believe this is worth trying. You got to experience it to see the results as I have.”

Tejal Pradhan, UK

“Yuana premium hair oil was recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad she did. I have been using Yuana hair oil for about 2 months now. I noticed the change in my hair within the first 2 weeks of using it regularly. It's made my hair soft, less frizzy and easy to manage. Because of its non-greasy nature you can use it any time of the day. It's like using one oil with the goodness of 7 other natural oils. This oil surely does what it says. I am happy to have tried this oil. Worth the experience!”

Aparna Sreedhar, Paris

“I stay in Paris and my friend suggested Yuana premium hair oil. It is the mixture of different vital oils and the best part is it is non-sticky and has a pleasant fragrance. I have been using it for one month now and I already find my hair softer and healthier. I strongly recommend Yuana to everyone who wants healthy hair. It is so much better than the conditioners and serums available in the market.”

Sunila Patwardhan, Borivali

“After using Yuana Premium Hair Oil the texture of my hair became soft and easily manageable. When used with hair colour the effect was simply awesome. It also helps in smooth application of dye and also leaves hair very soft and shiny after every wash. Very soothing perfume and the cherry on the cake is ofcourse, the reduced hairfall.”

Arti Jadhav, Thane

"I used to have thick lustrous hair before I suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy. When my hair grew back, it was very dry and damaged. I used Yuana Premium Hair Oil and the texture has improved immensely."


We held another exhibition at Tilak Banquet Hall, Manpada, Thane and the response was overwhelming!

-10 August 2016

We exhibited for the first time at Shimmer N Style exhibition at Tulip Star, Juhu.

-19 July 2016

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